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Empowering senior citizens across New Jersey as catalysts for change!


EDUCATE and train NJ senior citizens with knowledge, tools and methodologies to effectively ADVOCATE and IMPACT positive solutions for senior issues in their community.

• Enable seniors to ACT as change agents on all aspects of senior issues; health, legislation, financial, social isolation, safety, volunteerism, and enabling adults to transition into senior life.

Seniors For Seniors is designed to provide that empowerment along with the tools and methodologies enabling our seniors to be extremely effective advocates to elected officials and official representatives at our local, county, state and federal governments.

Not only today, but more so in the years to come, baby boomers are adding significant numbers to our senior citizen population.  Hence, the more our seniors learn about programs and issues that can and will affect them, the greater they will be empowered to successfully advocate on behalf of themselves.  

The very essence upon which Seniors for Seniors was founded and particularly its educational curriculum align very well to the CAHC mission in fostering and providing consumer guidance, education and support.   

Seniors for Seniors is an educational program under the Commission on Accreditation for Home Care (CAHC) in the State of New Jersey.  CAHC is a 501(c)(3) corporation that has been setting the standards for quality home care services since 1986.

Commission on Accreditation for Home Care

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